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Frequently asked questions

Can I put my dog on 50% kibble + 50% custom diet?

Absolutely. Our recipes come in 1 day quantities but you are more than welcome to split this in half and feed 50/50. Some dogs have some sensitives to eating both kibble and fresh food, so we recommend soaking kibble in water or bone broth to ease the digestive tract.

Is it ever too late to switch my dog to custom raw or cooked food diet?

Never. You can always transition your dog to fresh foods. Regardless of age, go slow when transitioning to new foods!

Can my puppy be on a custom raw or cooked diet?

Absolutely, the younger the better! We will account for their age and weight when formulating their diet.

Do I need a new guide after my puppy is an adult?

You will not need to purchase another guide. When you purchase a custom diet guide for your puppy it will include a spreadsheet that shows you how to feed them as they grow and become an adult dog.

I want to learn more. Do you have any other resources to share with me?

There are so many wonderful resources that have informed my canine nutrition journey, here are a few that I have enjoyed that are not going back to school!

  • Pet Foo(le)d documentary on Amazon Prime.
  • The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Shaw Becker
  • Feeding Dogs: The Science Behind The Dry Versus Raw Debate.

Where can I buy the supplies for a custom diet?

We will have a directory of where you can buy all the ingredients!

Are custom diets expensive to make?

With a custom diet, it costs us an average of $200 CAD per month for a 50lb dog.

My dog has allergies. Would my dog benefit from a custom diet?

Simple answer is yes. dogged's custom diets are limited in ingredients that you can see. Standard kibbles have many in excess of 50 ingredients which makes it hard to understand what is causing the allergic inflammation. Many of our diets have helped reduce itchy dry skin, eat and eye build up, and hot spots.

My dog has GI issues like loose stool and a sensitive stomach. Can I still put him on a raw or cooked diet?

Loose stool and sensitive stomach are great reasons to switch to a raw or freshly cooked diet. Ultra-processed diets are cooked on average 4 times before being ingested which puts more pressure on the GI tract to breakdown these ingredients.

Can my dog get sick from a raw diet? Can it make me sick?

Yes, they can make your dog sick. Ensuring proper food safety protocols is critical for you and your dog's safety. With that being said, dogs are built different to digest raw meat but this doesn't make them immune. A study by DogRisk at the University of Helsinki in a survey with 16,475 households from 81 countries showed 99.6% of households feeding their pets raw food did not report any pathogens being transmitted from the raw food to humans.

I don't live in Canada, can I still purchase a guide?

Heck ya. You most certainly can! We are happy to provide the service world wide.

Will my custom diet guide include how to cook the food?

Yes! We will provide cooking recommendations with your custom diet guide.

My dog is very picky, how do I get them to eat fruits, veggies, and organs?

This is very common - you aren't alone! We recommend pureeing the food with something that can mask the food. We love blending our veggies and fruit with bone broth, goats milk or kefir.

If your dog, is rejecting their food. Splash hot water on their food to bring it to room temperature, we find dogs enjoy dogs do not like eating cold things.

Who is preparing my diet and what are their qualifications?

  • Trevor (he/him) is the founder of dogged and a Canine Nutritionist with a Certificate in Canine Nutrition from Companion Animal Sciences Institute.
  • Trevor is not a veterinarian nor does his advice replace the advice of a qualified vet.
  • Trevor will work with you to use food and supplementation to help you and your dog live a better life, together.