About us

dogged is for curious dogs and humans. For dogs living enriched lives and for humans whose lives are made richer by their dogs. A place where you, your dog, and community come first. Trusted, tested and much-loved sustainable products for walk, play, eat, sleep, care, and wear.

Our vision, is to create a space where curious dogs and humans discover, learn, and play together.

Our Family

dogged is a family business. Co-founded in 2023 by husband and wife, Trevor White (he/him) and Taryn Greig (she/her), along with the help of their sweet Vizsla, Ruby.

Trevor quit his job to bring his long time vision for dogged to life. Our e-commerce presence is hopefully just the beginning! Trevor runs the day-to-day operations around here and finds the very best products to enrich the lives of our canine friends. Trevor is a Canine Nutritionist as well to help all doggos live their healthiest lives.

Taryn is the co-founder and number one supporter of the dogged dream. She asks the tough questions, signs off on the big decisions and often contributes adorable photos of our mascot and chief product tester.

Ruby Tuesday is the Vizsla-in-charge and the inspiration for it all. Being a busy and intelligent pup, she’s always on the hunt for her next challenge. She’s a big reason why we’ve done a deep dive into canine enrichment, and we’re better for it.

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