size up your pup program

We created this program to ensure dog guardians won't have to purchase countless low quality products destined for the landfill. With dogged basics collars or harnesses, you can return your product when your pup outgrows it for 30% off the next size up.

Okay, you have questions - we have done our best to answer them!

What product is eligible for size up your pup program?

The products that are eligible for size up your pup program are our dogged basics collars and harnesses. Leashes and poopbag holders are not eligible for return.

How long do I have to return the collar or harness to get the next size up?

You have 9 months from the day of purchase to return the dogged basics harness or collar for the next size up. Giving your pup loads of time to outgrow it.

How do I return it?

Just simply send an email to to start the return process. In the email, please send:

(1) a photo of the harness or collar,

(2) your original order number,

(3) your name, email, and shipping address.

We will review your claim and within 1 business day, we will send you a return label to print out as well as your discount code for your next size up.

Are returns free?

Heck ya they are. With that being said, you are required to hit our minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping for your new harness or collar.

Do I have to send the product before I get the new product?

Nope. All we require is a picture of the collar or harness before we can send a discount code for the next size up. We do not want your dog to be without for too long!

Does my returned product have to be in good shape?

Yes it does. If your product has been chewed or damaged significantly, your product will not be eligible for size up your pup.

How quickly will I receive my new collar or harness?

Standard shipping times will apply! We pack within one business day and see our shipping timelines to see how long it takes to get to your home/

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