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Dead Tennis Ball (All proceeds donated to CVO)

Dead Tennis Ball (All proceeds donated to CVO)

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What is a dead tennis ball?

A dead tennis ball is a ball that is no longer suited for match play. These balls have lost some of their bounce and will no longer be used for tennis. And did you know? Depending on its use, a new tennis ball can become dull with just one session of constant play.

What happens to a dead tennis ball?

There are 3 options for most dead tennis balls:
(1) They become a dog toy
(2) They are recycled and made into new tennis courts (how fitting!)
(3) They end up in the landfill

According to ecoUP, it is estimated that 125 million tennis balls end up in the landfill each year in the US alone and each one takes about 400 years to decompose.

What is dogged doing about it? 

dogged has decided to work with local tennis clubs and tennis coaches to collect all dead tennis balls and give them second homes.

We will clean them up with dog-safe, natural cleaners and re-sell them. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Community Vet Outreach.

What is Community Vet Outreach? 

Community Vet Outreach (CVO) is a registered charity. Its mandate is to improve the health of homeless and precariously housed communities by providing veterinary care for pets, and by connecting their humans with health and social services.

We know that dogs enrich our lives and we believe that all dogs have the right to live healthy lives through accessible veterinary care.

[Fur-]friendly reminder

Ensure your dog's safety by closely monitoring their playtime, especially when introducing new toys. While no toy is completely indestructible, it's essential to supervise play, especially if you know your dog is not gentle with new toys. Keep in mind that these are used toys as well, despite being cleaned. We cannot guarantee their first life's path. Tennis balls are best used when clean and free of sand to prevent abrasion against the teeth. If you dog starts chewing their tennis ball and not just carrying it in their mouth, take it away immediately.

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