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dogged basics harness - periwinkle

dogged basics harness - periwinkle

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Product Features

  • Endless options: There are 3 different leash attachment points on this harness: back collar, back rear, and front collar. 
  • Cute and comfy:  Made out of soft and stretchy neoprene, this is good for any adventure or sleep time.
  • Safe yet simple: Two quick snap buckles at the rear for easy on and off.
  • Durable materials to last: Soft neoprene padding, nylon straps, and coated carbon steel D-rings.

Ruby is a 50lb Vizsla. She is sporting a harness in size M.
All photos were taken by Emily Holmes.


In Inches:

XS: Neck = 10"-12", Chest = 13.5"-17"
S: Neck = 11"-13", Chest = 15.5"-21"
M: Neck = 14"-18", Chest = 21"-28"
L: Neck = 16.5"-20.5", Chest = 28"-38.5"
XL: Neck = 19"-27.5", Chest = 28"-40"

How to measure:
Neck - Using a soft tape measure, begin measuring at the widest part of your pup's neck (for most dogs, this will be nearest their shoulders). Place two fingers perpendicularly between your dog's neck and the tape measure to ensure a comfortable fit.

Chest - Using the soft tape measure again to measure at the widest part of your pup's chest (for most dogs, this will be at the middle of their rib cage). Place 2 fingers perpendicularly between your dog's body and the tape measure to ensure a comfortable fit.

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  • All orders will be packed within 2 business days.
  • If you are taking part in size up your pup, please learn more here.

Care Instructions

Wash with a mild soap and water and that's it. Towel or air dry.

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dogged, I have more questions

How should the harness fit?

The harness should be tight against your dogs neck and body but with enough room to put two fingers between their body and harness. The harness should not impede any movement for your pup. If your dog is running and fully extending that your dog's range of motion should not be obstructed by the harness. The rear of the harness should not go beyond your dogs ribs and it should not cut into your dog's armpit either.

3 attachments - holy. Which one do I use?

It's really up to your preference. We prefer the front clip for a pup who tends to pull. Other than that you can pick any option!

But is the harness comfortable?

Heck ya it is! The dogged basics harness was designed to be comfortable for dogs of (almost) all sizes. It is built with soft, light weight neoprene to support most activities.

Should my dog be using a collar or harness?

We recommend that your dog be wearing a collar for everyday use. If your dog is pulling when on leash or outside frolicking, we recommend that your dog use a harness.

Customer Reviews

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My dog who has an aversion to harnesses likes this one. I will be buying an all of the colors.