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Kompact9 - Recycled Plastic Retractable Dog Ball Launcher

Kompact9 - Recycled Plastic Retractable Dog Ball Launcher

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About this product

Kompact9 Dog Ball Launcher is a lightweight, easy to use, retractable dog ball thrower made from eco-friendly recycled plastic, with a unique cup design enabling you to throw the ball with ease. Fits a medium sized Chuck-it ball or a tennis ball.

Significantly smaller: Kompact9 Dog Ball Launcher IS 70% smaller than standard dog ball throwers.
Environmentally engineered: Everything about the Kompact9 Dog Ball Launcher is purposefully designed to minimize the impact on the environment.
Happily hygienic: The Kompact9 Dog Ball Launcher cover eliminates having to handle that irritating and unwanted dog slobber.
Seriously simple: The Kompact9 Dog Ball Launcher is incredibly easy to use and store.

Technical details:
Item weight: 135g
Extended length: 58cm
Retracted length: 25cm
Item material: recycled abs (plastic)

Why we carry this

  • Sustainable - this ball launcher is made from recycled plastic and travels in a compact box so it can ship with minimal carbon emissions when compared to a normal ball launcher
  • Functional and well tested - this product has been tested for 5,000+ ball throws, and can throw the same distance, if not further, than a traditional ball thrower, while fitting in your pocket during down time! 

[Fur-]friendly reminder

Please ensure all children are supervised when using this dog ball launcher. Veterinary advice is to limit excessive ball thrower use until your dog is fully grown. Ball throwing should be part of a balanced exercise routine for your dog.

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