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Dog Nutrition Consultation

Dog Nutrition Consultation

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About this service

Dog Nutrition Consultations are 1:1 meetings with a Canine Nutritionist designed to best serve your individual needs. This service is great for you if: 

  • Your dog is experiencing GI upset and food sensitivities
  • Your dog has skin issues and signs of inflammation
  • You are looking to balance your dog's health with your budget
  • You want meal planning for a puppy or very athletic dog 
  • You want to start to give fresh food toppers and don't know where to start
  • You want to improve your dog's gut microbiome and mental health

What's included?

  • 60 minute meeting with Canine Nutritionist, Trevor.
  • Follow up recap email and guidance with shared articles and research supporting suggestions.
  • 2 weeks email support to address follow up questions.

About your consultant

  • Trevor (he/him) is the founder of dogged and a Canine Nutritionist with a Certificate in Canine Nutrition from Companion Animal Sciences Institute.
  • Trevor is not a veterinarian nor does his advice replace the advice of a qualified vet.
  • Trevor will work with you to use food and supplementation to help you and your dog live a better life, together.

Refund + exchange policy

  • Consultations are not eligible for a refund after purchased.
  • You are eligible to reschedule your appointment as long as you notify dogged before 8 hours before your appointment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Neha Sharma
Dogs nutrition

We recently consulted with Trevor about our dogs' diet. As first-time dog owners, we constantly worry about providing them with the right and complete nutrition. It's a common concern for all dog parents - are we meeting their needs and giving them the necessary supplements based on their age? Hearing from a professional like Trevor that we're on the right track is a huge relief and reassures us that our dogs are doing well. It was an invaluable experience and provided us knowledge and confidence to ensure our dogs receive the optimal nutrition for a long and healthy life. We highly recommend this service to any dog owner seeking personalized guidance for their canine companion's dietary needs.

It was like I took a nutrition class!

With so much information available online, it is hard to differentiate between actual scientific facts from just myths. During my consultation with Trevor, I have learned so much. From questions regarding what is the right food for my pup to how to read nutrition labels on food packaging, Trevor really took the time to explain everything patiently.

I would highly recommend anyone to schedule a time to chat with Trevor because he truly cares about dog nutrition (he studied it and is certified) and can advise you the best diet for your dog no matter their needs. The best part was I can continue to ask him more questions two weeks after our consultation because sometimes they don't come to you until a bit after.